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How do I commission new inventory?

This articles outlines the process for commissioning new inventory. This can be done using a handheld scanner or a portal.

Background: Commissioning is the process of adding active inventory to the Laundris platform. It's important that all items are commissioned to ensure accurate inventory management.

Commissioning Using a Handheld Scanner

Enter email and password to log in and connect to a handheld scanner if necessary. 

For instructions on connecting a handheld scanner, please reference the “Connecting to a Scanner” knowledge article in the help center.


Decrease the power level to 10 dBm or lower by tapping on the gear icon then adjusting the scanner power slide bar. Next, isolate yourself and the items selected for commissioning from existing active inventory.


****Please Note: It is important to reduce the power level on the scanner and isolate yourself to ensure that additional inventory is not inadvertently commissioned and added/updated in the Laundris platform.

Only like item types can be commissioned in the same scanning session****


Tap the RFID Commission tile

Next, select the category and item type of the inventory being commissioned then tap the scan icon  


Use the handheld scanner to ensure all inventory is scanned then select submit. Comparing the scanned item to count with a manual hand count is highly recommended to guarantee accuracy.

Commissioning Using a Portal

The Property Module can be accessed from the link below: 


Enter your email and password then select Sign In.

Select the option for RFID Commission from the side menu


Click the option for Add RFID Commission

Select the Inventory Category , Customer Item Type Name, then click "Add Items with Portal Scanner" and select the portal. 

After initiating the scan, the RFID Tag IDs field will be populated with the new items being commissioned. Click the blue "Add RFID Commission" button.