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How do I connect a handheld scanner?

This article describes how to connect a handheld scanner to a mobile device via the Laundris app.


  1. Open the Laundris App.
  2. Enter Username & Password


If you get a pop-up box that says, “Device disconnected”, follow these steps:

  1. Click “OK”.
  2. Click the trigger on the handheld scanner to turn it on.
  3. Select the “+” on the right.

  4. Select the Scanner ID from the pop-up screen.  
      • This may take a minute.
      • Confirm this number with what is on top of the device.  
  5. The handheld scanner should now be connected
  6. Click on the gear icon in the top right of the app to confirm the scanner is connected and to adjust the settings. 

Please Note: if you do not have the option to adjust the scanner settings, the scanner is not connected to your device.