How do I create new Item Types?

This article outlines the process for creating new Item Types for a facility or property in the Facility Module

Please Note: When setting up a new customer, the customer's specific item types must be created before setting up customer charges. 

Creating New Item Types

From the left side menu, click on Facility Setup then select the option for Item Types.

Select the option to Add Item Type in the top right.

In the Select Side dropdown, choose Facility if you would like to create facility owned goods. Select the option for Customer if you would like to create customer owned goods.


Choose the appropriate Category for the new item type. The options are listed below: 

  • Food and Beverage
  • Linen
  • Miscellaneous
  • Terry
  • Uniform

Based on the selected Inventory Category, a pre-populated  list of items will be available in the Inventory Item Type Name dropdown. You can type in the name of the item to narrow down the number of selections. The Inventory Item Type Name is a generic name for the specific item.

After selecting the Inventory Item Type Name, manually enter the Item Type Name. The Item Type Name is the specific name for the item based on facility or customer naming convention.

Finally, enter the weight of the item then click Add Item Type at the bottom to save.

When creating item types, the weight of the item must be entered so that the expected weight of a cart can be calculated when orders are being processed.