How do I perform an inventory check?

This article outlines how to perform an inventory check using the handheld scanner and the Laundris mobile app.


  1. Open the Laundris App.
  2. Enter Username & Password

Please Note: The handheld scanner must be connected to your device before performing the inventory check. For directions on connecting a hand held scanner, click here.


Steps to perform Scanning Function:

Select “Inventory Check”.

Select “Inventory Location” and choose the floor you are on.

Touch the scanning icon in the RFID box.

Press the trigger on the handheld scanner and wave around the room.
    • Ensure you are getting in-between stacks.
    • Ensure you spend a few extra moments around small or compacted items such as Wash Cloths and Pillowcases.
    • You can press and release the trigger several times without disrupting the count.  

Monitor your screen and look for the numbers to stop increasing.  When you are no longer adding items to your total count, you can stop pressing the trigger.

Press Submit

The item types and quantity of each item will be presented in a table. To complete the inventory scan, tap submit a final time.

Repeat the process for each inventory location.

As a best practice for inventory management, inventory scanning should be completed on a daily basis.