Am I able to add or remove carts for an order if the outgoing process has already been completed?

This article explains how to update an order that has already gone through the outgoing process.

Locate and Edit the Order

From the side menu, select Management Operations then click the option for Orders.

Locate the order you would like to update by using the dropdown filters or searching by the specific Order ID.

Scroll all the way to the right then click Edit.

You will see that the Status of the order is Ready for Delivery, click on the dropdown then move the order back one status step to Arrived at Facility then click Edit Order at the bottom of the form to update.

Please Note: An order can only be moved backwards one status a time. If the order is already in a status of Out For Delivery, you will need to update the status of the order to Ready for Delivery then update the order again to Arrived at Facility.

After updating the status of the order to Arrived at Facility, the following notification will appear. Select the option to Keep Data if you want to retain the information already associated with the order. 

From the side menu, select Facility Operations then click on Facility Process.

Choose the option for outgoing, select the customer, then select the order. You will see the previously added carts associated with the order and have the ability to add, edit, or delete a cart.

After submitting the order, it will be back in a status of Ready for Delivery and ready for the driver processes.

Click here to review status descriptions and a diagram of the laundry service workflow.